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Career Guidance & Talent Management 


Are you beginning to wonder whether you picked the right career and whether your current job is right for you? Or maybe that job you loved is just not the same anymore, either because you’ve changed or your circumstances have changed or your manager’s changed. Or perhaps you’re facing redundancy? 

Sympathetic coaching and guidance will help you reach the best career decisions to suit your own set of circumstances. Whatever your age or stage, with counselling, a strengths-based approach and some psychometrics we will reach informed choices about your career and your professional development.

Talent, strengths, interest diagnostics and dyslexia assessments.

Use the principles of positive psychology, the power of Flow and 21st century schools of thought such as Mindfulness, Growth Mindset and Gratitude alongside emerging neuroscientific evidence.

 If you are:

  • At a career crossroads
  • Redundant or anticipating redundancy
  • Want to increase your own performance within a team
  • Choosing a university course
  • Considering which subjects to study at A level

Book a one to one session; for a free initial consultation click HERE.

Work with me for:

  • Careers Guidance.
  • Advice on preferred learning styles and working environments.
  • Suggestions for vocational choices and career development.
  • Friendly, collaborative coaching to gain insight and reach decisions about your work.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete interest inventories and gain insight into the results
  • Undertake personality profiling and receive comprehensive useful feedback
  • Take away written reports for future reference
  • Practice for interviews
  • Familiarise yourself with assessment centre techniques

You can arrange to receive one to one support and guidance through:

  • Your new career job-search
  • Focused in-depth research
  • Networking
  • The job application process
  • The interview stage
  • Accepting the right offer

 References and client testamonials available.