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Career Guidance & Talent Management 


A LEVEL & GCSE RESULTS - DO YOU NEED ADVICE OR SUPPORT?  Sometimes when you get your results the plans that you've made feel all wrong.  Complete a contact form to arrange a meeting, click HERE . FREE UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST.

I know that young people need help in making decisions about education and careers.

We are available to provide expert career advice over this period. If you want to speak to someone for advice, support or reassurance on your next steps complete a contact form for a free consultation.

Click HERE to complete the form.

ADVICE:  To stay in touch with news from Schools, Colleges, Universities and other useful career info, like and follow our Facebook page - Talent & Career.


1. Check your primary contact email address for transition work now that the sixth forms and colleges have started to plan for the new term.

2. Ensure that SPAM filters do not block contact from Post-16 providers.

3. If you applied to do an apprenticeship, try and contact your employer to ensure that they are still able to offer you a placement. If there has been a change in circumstances, you should contact the associated college as a matter of urgency.

4. Keep an eye on the websites of your chosen post-16 destination for on-going updates, transition work, virtual open days etc. Do not assume they will contact you.

5. If you have not been contacted by your first choice destination in the next few weeks, you must contact them using your preferred email address.

6. Try to find out which syllabus you will be following in each subject next year (you can probably find this on the website of your intended destination). There are a range of online providers such as Futurelearn, Coursera, Khan Academy, iTunes U, Bitesize etc. many of whom provide free content which will help you to explore your chosen courses.

7. Use syllabus information to make sure you are aware of the useful knowledge needed from your GCSE’s as this content forms the basis of the next stage of learning.

8. Use the extra time you have to investigate new subjects in greater detail. Some of you may wish to reconsider your post-16 subject choices whilst others may wish to deepen their general knowledge by looking at other courses. 

Here is last year's list of dates for Open Evenings for Post 16 Schools and Colleges (East Sussex & Kent)

This year's list will be published soon.

I understand how strengths, interests and personality fit together and inform ideas about career routes so that you can:

  • Choose the right subjects in school
  • Weigh-up university courses and alternatives to higher education
  • Find out about career paths and achieving future goals
  • Identify key skills, strengths and interests 
  • Learn how to develop Career Resilience
  • Receive detailed personality profile reports, feedback and action plans
  • Benefit from on-going support

I offer diagnostic testing for specific learning disabilities e.g. Dyslexia, for University DSA.

  • Reveals abilities, personality and interests
  • Gives career suggestions, A level and degree choices
  • For students aged 15+ and adults

Struggling to find the right career for you? If you are considering a variety of options or have no idea which career path to take, a Morrisby psychometric assessment can help.

It will offer insight in to you abilities, personality and interests and uses the information to match you to careers and qualifications which may suit you.

The Traditional Morrisby package comprises:

  • 3 hour series of timed pen and paper tests
  • Detailed personal report
  • A 1-hour session of guidance to talk through your report
  • Lifetime access to the Morrisby information website

Assessments are held throughout the year and in schools at their request. They can be sat by students from the last term of Year 10 to adults. We also offer a shorter Online Morrisby assessment.

What is Morrisby?

The Morrisby Profile is a well established and respected career diagnostic tool, validated by the British Psychological Society. It is a series of paper-based tests and a questionnaire that together assess aptitudes and work/study-oriented personality.

The test takes three hours and the output is a detailed, personalised report which shows how your aptitudes relate to relevant careers. Taking into account your qualifications, personality and work related interests, it suggests 12 careers you may wish to explore further. It also identifies suitable A levels or degrees if you are at that stage in your education.

Who can sit a Morrisby assessment?

Morrisby assessments can be sat by students when they reach the last term of school year 10 upwards. They are also suitable for adults when they finish education, are facing redundancy or considering a career change.

You will need a reading age of 12 years or over to cope with this assessment.

Can I do Morrisby if I have special needs?

A Morrisby assessment does not allow you to have extra time to do the tasks or to have someone sit with you to read or scribe. If you have learning difficulties it may not be the rights assessment for you if you do not have a reading age of 12 years or over.

This assessment has been sat by those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, hearing problems and those who are physically challenged. We have larger print question and answer books for those with visual impairment.