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Career Guidance & Talent Management 


  • Deciding on what I’m going to do next and finding the websites in which I can do more research were very helpful. Y11 student
  • I sent off my UCAS application mid November and since then I have received conditional offers from all of the universities. Your session really helped me to put myself in the right direction. Y13 student.
  • Matthew really enjoyed meeting with you and he certainly feels that it was beneficial. We will discuss your report with him and if we have any further questions we will contact you. Mother of Y12 student.
  • Apologies for the delay but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work in organising and supporting my year 11's through their 1 to 1 career interviews. Academy Principal
  • I have done the PRISM candidate inventory. I found this quite difficult and don't know if my answers truly reflect my personality but no doubt we can discuss! I am very glad to be doing this work with you. I believe it will better enable me to make informed choices. Managing Partner, Legal.
  • Discovering that university sponsorships were available was helpful and so was finding out about the many courses available. Y12 student
  • I am very grateful. Reading your e-mail below this morning has enabled me to have a greater understanding of my problems. I think that you have clearly understood them! I will undertake the exercise you have suggested and will then be back in contact. Career Changer
  • I found the specific advice about work experience and research especially helpful. I also found the concept of studying law and then finance very useful. Y11 student
  • This is just a note to say thank you for your support and contribution to our Teenage Wellbeing event at school last night. It was a real success and we couldn’t have done it without you. Messages have been coming in today from parents who attended and who found it all very professional, useful and thought provoking.
  • Thank you very much, that was very helpful! Awesome. Y11 student
  • We would like to thank you for all of your excellent work and effective assessment/verification over the past years. You have worked with some challenging candidates at a difficult time and have shown patience, perseverance and professionalism. Babcock International.
  • Very helpful in determining which things I need to do/paths that I could take. Very helpful, showed the wide range of tools available very well making future progress easier.Y11 student
  • Websites for finding interests and possible careers were very useful. Information about whether or not I need a specific degree was useful. Urged me to find what I most passionate about. Y12 student
  • Thank you very much. Brilliantly useful. Y13 student
  • Fridays training in Crawley – interview skills refresh was fabulous, excellent trainer. NCS advisor.
  • Really helped me pin down my interests and focus on a specific area that involves all of these. Y11 student
  • I found it really helpful to know what websites to use to help me find a course and university that I would be interested in. Also re-evaluating my A level choices was helpful for giving me a direction for where to go. Y11 student